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Since our founding, Barrister’s fiduciaries have helped people across the country. We strive to provide ethical financial planning services that help you thrive.

Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, business owner, or retiree, we’ll design a personal plan based on your specific goals and objectives. From college and retirement planning to employee benefits and investment advisory, we offer guidance for everybody and every organization from all walks of life.

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We’re proud to help innumerable people and businesses. Explore the case studies below and learn what our fiduciaries can do for you.

Medical Professionals

We help doctors, dentists, nurses, and other medical professionals take charge of their finances and their futures.

Business Owners

Whether you own a startup or lead a nonprofit, we’ll help you navigate employee benefits, business budgets, and more.

Business Professionals

Barrister provides investment management, retirement planning, and financial guidance to business professionals from all walks of life.


We have your best interest at heart. Barrister provides compassionate financial guidance for widowers after the death of their spouse.

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